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C.A.R. Bullet Proof Series

C.A.R. Products, Inc. (Complete Appearance Reconditioning Products, Inc.) is a family run, family owned business that was founded in 1969 by Harry and Ruth Goldenberg. The business is now run by their sons, Bob and Steve Goldenberg, with the support of other family members and many dedicated co-workers.


C.A.R. Products' philosophy is to provide our customers with superior products at competitive pricing. We believe our customers deserve the very best. Thanks to our valued employees, C.A.R. Products, Inc. is able to deliver quality products and provide customer satisfaction and confidence in our products. This dedication and perseverance is what keeps this family business thriving and successful.

  • C.A.R. Bulletproof Series Melt (32oz.)
    $28.75 $22.00 C.A.R. Bulletproof Series Melt (32oz.)
    MELT FERROUS METAL REMOVER dissolves ferrous metals that contain iron from car paint, wheels, glass, chrome and aluminum. Removing these ferrous metals will slow the corrosion process. Ferrous metals get into places...

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