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ClearKote premium car detailing products are easy to use and provide exceptional protection for RVs, cars, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, boats, SUVs, trailers and more.
ClearKote exceeds the industry standards for waxes, polishes and restoration with hand-mixed formulas that are inspected and bottled to ensure quality with every application.  Each ClearKote product is 100% petroleum based with no artificial ingredients, allowing for application in direct sunlight and on warm surfaces.
ClearKote cleaners and waxes remove dirt, grime, oxidation and road film.  The premium car detailing products restore luster and shine to paint finishes, vinyl, plastic and fiberglass surfaces with ease.  ClearKote  will enhance the color of paint and restore reflective gloss to ensure a new car shine every day.
Cleaning your vehicle is simple with ClearKote's time-tested formulas that last longer, work better, go further and increase a vehicle's speed.  Drag racers have reported shaving .001 seconds off their time, pilots reported two knots faster in cruise and boaters have reported 3 to 5 mph increases in quarter-mile runs with ClearKote.  
ClearKote is your premium care detailing product solution.
  • ClearKote Red Moose Machine Glaze (16oz.)
    $8.99 ClearKote Red Moose Machine Glaze (16oz.)
    Red Moose Machine Glaze will put the wow in your paint!Red Moose Machine glaze is a pure glaze that contains no abrasives and can also be applied in the direct sunlight.  Red Moose Machine Glaze is designed to improve...